No, absolutely not. Timber framed houses have been around for over 20 years and have been very successful in driving the systemization of new build construction. However, every wall is carefully constructed at the manufacturing facility before being shipped to site and lifted into place using a crane. The Glavloc® system is delivered to site in component form and can be unloaded and assembled entirely by hand. The system is made of just 9 CNC-produced components and 12 EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) components. Most building sizes and shapes can be built using the system.

The Patented Glavloc® system is easy to use and reduces the construction time on residential and commercial dwellings by as much as 80%. Its ease of use for trades people and contractors alike, together with the lack of specialist equipment required for assembly will certainly make the Glavloc® system a welcome addition to the construction industry and one of the most innovative Passive House construction systems in the future.

Glavloc® Build Systems strive to reduce the labour from the building process. This saving allows us to offer a better product, at a comparable cost to the builder or end user when compared to a standard masonry construction. However with new regulations coming in 2018 and 2021, the Glavloc® system will have a significant cost benefit over other systems, as our competitors will have to improve their thermal performance in order to meet the new requirements.

Glavloc® Build Systems buildings have industry leading thermal properties. Our rating are well inside the requirements for either A1, Passive or nZEB certification. Please note that a buildings design, orientation and certain green technologies are also factors in a building receiving the above aforementioned certifications.

Glavloc® buildings are independently certified by Engineers Ireland, and Institute of Structural Engineers registered engineers. Our Thermal Properties are BBA certified. Each building is independently designed and certified including the foundations, and is included in the price.

The length of build time depends on the size and complexity of the building. On average an extension takes between 2 and 4 weeks to complete, and a new build between 4 and 8 weeks.

All traditional or industrial roof types are compatible with our building systems. We can supply roof trusses as part of the package, or alternatively a cut roof or roof from other manufacturers can be used. Any roof finish can be used, such as Tile, Slate or sheet roofs (Zinc etc).

Our walls are all externally clad using BBA approved insulation cladding systems. There are a range of finishes available, such as acrylic render, timber cladding, concrete board, or a traditional masonry/stone outer leaf. Other architectural finishes can also be accommodated.