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Are you a builder or developer that struggles making decent profit margins due to high labour costs and build cost unpredictability? Are you concerned over the new nZEB regulations and unsure how your business will cope with another layer of compliance?

Glavloc® understands these issues and has designed a system that helps you increase your profit margins as well as delivering an energy efficient building that meets both Passive and nZEB standards when combined with renewable energies.

How can the Glavloc® Build System save you money?

  • Fast Build Turnover
    • Build 3 houses in the time it takes to build 1 traditional house
    • Not weather dependant
    • Light weight components, easy to install and no lifting equipment required
    • Minimal groundworks
  • Reduction in labour costs - a low skill set can be used to install this system
  • No wastage - an automated manufacturing system, delivering a just in time complete build system to site

Glavloc® Build Systems Practical Demonstrations

We run Glavloc® Build System practical demonstrations in Cork.

If you are interested in seeing first-hand how our Glavloc® build systems work, register here and we will keep you updated on our next demonstration event.

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